Which super hero is most popular?

In every country around the world, kids love superheroes. Whether its posters on the wall, action figures or movies, every kid has their favourite superhero, and now thanks to Hollywood and the online casino industry, even adults can enjoy the latest chapter in their reminiscent superheroes' adventures.

Superheroes are enormous business for Hollywood. Thanks to many a childhood memory being spawned from a certain superhero, their reach is enormous and surpasses generations. Using the free tool on this page, you can find out once and for all which superhero is the most popular! Just as kids long to know just who would win in a fight between Superman and Batman, now we can all discover who the strongest superhero is on the Internet!

Superheroes that Kids Adore

Superman, Spiderman and Batman are the superheroes that come to the mind when we think of super heros with superpowers. They are created with hard work and dedication to get the best output. Posters of these superheroes are seen everywhere, in casinos, bars and shops. Superheroes normally cater to kids, but recent surveys suggest that even adults take keen interest in superhero related products, such as movies, clothes etc.

The reason for this popularity is the fact that superheroes are super. They take people to a fantasy world, and make them forget all their worries. Watching or reading about a man or woman saving the world and turning it all right at the end of the day is very soothing.

Some of the most loved and adored superheroes of recent times are:


Spiderman is a man who has some unique powers that he got from a spider bite. Spidey is a unique character who isn't the regular macho type. He laughs, dances, sings and romances. Spiderman, earlier played by Toby Maguire, just turned amazing with a reboot and a new actor.

The movie released in 2012 stars Andrew Garfield as the superhero. He fights the villain, saves the world, sacrifices for his duties and sends the crowd home cheering. These unique qualities, including a super-unique getup, makes Spiderman top the chart.


Batman's popularity is on the rise with the movie scheduled to release in few weeks. For a fact, a superhero's popularity increases as the promotion for the upcoming superhero based movie or comic begins. Fans start taking more interest as the date nears. Promos are aired online, in casinos and on television.

Batman is one of the most well-known and loved superheroes of all times. He is macho, handsome, and always leaves an impact. He has unique bat-kind powers that make him unique. The latest offering in the Batman series, The Dark Knight Rises, is due for release. There are already ripples among kids and adults to witness what this superhero has in store this year.


The name itself tells it all. The epitome of strength, superman has saved more lives than any other superhero (right?). He is what every kid wants to be and every woman wants to date. Superman can fly, lift trains, defeat villains and save the world. In casinos they all bet on the outcome of the next superman flick. He is one of the most talked-about superheroes of all times.

Superman comics, merchandise and movie tickets sell like hot cakes. The superhero, who was born on the planet Krypton, makes it a point to always fight for the right, and puts it all on the line. The next installment of the superman series is long due, and fans are waiting to witness their superhero show his capabilities.



Types of Superheroes

Superheroes used to be found mostly in kids' comics. It's obvious why superheroes appeal to children--while a child is small, weak, and pretty much powerless in a world ruled by adults, superheroes are powerful protectors of the weak and guardians of justice. The top 100 'baddies' of the world have all bee tackled by these Super Heros and all defeated, and this always sticks in a child's mind.

In recent years, remakes of the old comic superheroes have been taking the world by storm. Maybe this means that even adults are feeling overwhelmed by the challenges of modern life, oppressed by the government or frustrated by daunting economic circumstances. Or maybe it just means that adults aren't afraid to maintain a childlike wonder at the world anymore.

Either way, it's interesting to take a look at some of the most popular superheroes, and the reason they have their powers.

Natural Powers

Some superheroes are just naturally awesome. They're not even human, which allows them to perform all kinds of amazing feats without the burden of making their abilities logical. For example, one of the most famous superheroes of all time, Superman, is actually an alien! This explains why he is able to fly, travel at supersonic speeds, and perform other superhuman feats. The superhero Thor also falls into the category of natural powers, because he is actually a Norse god. The power of his hammer, his ability to summon lightning to defeat his enemies, and his superhuman strength make sense in this context.

Natural powers are probably the least fulfilling for the audience, because we can't really identify with gods and aliens or ever hope to be like them. They offer a passive salvation from evil.

Acquired Powers

A normal human being acquiring superpowers through accident or design is another popular theme in comics and superhero movies. The examples of this are endless, with some of the most popular being the X-Men's Wolverine, who becomes a powerful anti-hero when scientists replace his skeleton with adamantium, Captain America, who becomes a perfect soldier through gene therapy, and the Green Lantern, who is transformed by an alien ring. Lab accidents and radioactivity are also popular causes of superpowers, from Spiderman's radioactive spider bite to the Hulk's gamma ray accident and the Fantastic Four's exposure to cosmic rays.

Acquired powers are a bit easier to audiences to identify with, because they transform ordinary people. However, the events that give them their power are still pretty far from the realm of actual possibility.

Technological Powers

Other characters become superheroes through their own actions, intellect, and initiative. Batman and Iron Man are the most popular examples of this type of hero. Both Batman and Iron Man are ordinary joes (apart from their vast wealth of course) who are temporarily transformed by technology into nearly invincible crime fighters. Iron Man designs his own flying metal suit, equipped with all manner of weapons and defenses, while Batman collaborates with Wayne Enterprises to create the Batmobile, his Batsuit, and other gadgets that give him an edge in urban crime fighting.

In the long run, superheroes with technological powers are the most popular, because they are the easiest to identify with. Anyone, no matter how weak or small, could theoretically acquire technology and begin fighting crime.



The Powers Every Superhero Must Have

They are called superheroes because they are capable of doing things that normal humans cannot do. They are blessed with special powers that enable them to pull off the toughest of feats with ease. Given below are the five most common powers that every superhero must have:


Superheroes like Batman and Superman are more famous for their strength, but one cannot deny the fact that they are quite intelligent too. They play the detective themselves in their movies, and don't have to count on someone else to come for the rescue and save the day. Without their super-minds, we wouldn't have seen all those amazing moments.

These are some of the most widely searched superheroes online. Casinos and bars also air superhero flicks to fill the entertainment quotient.


For a fact, many people start hitting the gym when they see their favorite superheroes flexing their muscles and lifting heavy objects. The strength they possess acts as a motivating force for fans. A superhero losing his or her strength is the fans' worst nightmare.

The ability to break the bad guy's neck and stop a burning train makes superheroes what they are today. It's fiction, but it's better than reality.

Speed and Agility

Speed and agility are two things that every superhero must possess. How are they able to move from one block to another in the blink of an eye? Because they're superheroes! To save the damsel in distress and to send the villain straight to hell, these two qualities are highly required.

The Ability to Fly

When asked which superpower you'd like to have, most would probably answer "the ability to fly". Our superheroes don't always have wings, but they are able to fly from one place to another. How do they do it? That's a secret they'll never tell!

Sitting in a casino and drinking beer won't make you a superhero. it might give you superficial, non-existent wings though! But then, it's nothing but the beer.

The X-Factor

What's the X-Factor? No one has really been able to answer this one. It is the charisma and personality that one posses. It's something that comes naturally and not everyone can have it.

That's exactly why not every superhero breaks records. Some comic books don't even reach the stage of publishing; forget a movie being made after it. Superman has the ability to woo girls, Spiderman with his cute antics sends a chill down their spine, Wonder Woman with her intelligence impresses one and all.

These unique qualities must also be present in a superhero for him or her to carve a niche and earn acclaim.




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